5 interesting facts about drones

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The next part of drone news is on. Together with EduDrone, we have named the five most exciting facts about drone usage functionalities. You can never have too much drone news!

1. Nikola Tesla, the father of the radio, invented the first drone in 1898.

He believed drones could end all of the wars over the globe. We know Tesla from his futuristic electric car projects. Aside from it, he invented lots of patents for robots. “It seems that I have always been ahead of my time,” he said. Tesla holds more than 270 patent in 27 countries which made him one of the great inventors. On his account, we can find an earthquake machine, the thought camera, artificial tidal waves and more. Doublessly he was a genius of the future. Tesla, big thanks for drones!



source poppsi.com

2. Drones are a perfect tool for fighting with deforestation, fire or tree planting.

Difficult to access areas are scanned using drones to collect information and create 3D maps. The drone is receiving data collected to generate the seed plan. The advanced equipment with guidance and software are informing about the proper distribution of the soil and monitoring the tree growth. Drones can plant 100 000 trees per day. Drones are the perfect tool for fighting with climate change, and progressive urbanisation.

3. Each day billions of people are exposed to air pollution. Authorities have found an attractive remedy: drones.

The first flight took part on the 23rd of January 2018 and lasted about 120 minutes. That was just the beginning of tests made against air pollution. Drones can hold onboard sensors for air quality measuring. The production of anti-smog drones is an important step forward fighting against massive air pollution on our globe. It is a key priority to monitor industrial contamination and water pollution. Are drones the best for fighting with air pollution? It is cost effective and risk-reducing solution.

4. According to the European Commission, by 2050, the drone industry could create 150 000 jobs in the EU

 across manufacturers, operators and other actors providing drone-enabling technologies (such as flight control, sensors, and energy). The drone industry is rapidly expanding and continuously improving. Many companies are looking for drone operators as its opening the doors for many industries, from law enforcement to military.

5. „Handi drone” – disable community friendly drone

This project was created in collaboration between a digital Agency and French association for social and professional involvement of people with disabilities. „Handi drone” enable those with mobility issues and disabilities to experience drones. It gives them the opportunity to start a new career, setting them up to become drone pilots.

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