Case study: Robo Soccer

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From day one, RoboSoccer has had a simple mission: create entertainment like never before. We want to give our fans a unique sport and game experience wherever they are.

Reimagining old fashioned tabletop games into a surprising way


All countries on the globe play soccer/football and this community reach up to 3.5 Billion in the whole world. Therefore, with this in mind, we developed the game helped increase social entertainment and drive consumers to retail sports game like no other.

The game industry is continuously evolving, and consumer interest is focused on the latest and hottest trends in it. To keep the brand perception clear, RoboSoccer turned to the modern tabletop game encouraging players to explore a new way of soccer game by creating game connecting robot experience with a regular tabletop game.


The first step was to take a very close look at the soccer/football enthusiasts and gamers, discuss their needs, and clarify their perception for enriching fan interactions. It is critical for us to understand and learn from thig group of enthusiasts, because, in the end, the game belongs to them.


The tabletop games and toys categories are a vast mass of thousands of brands offering similar products. All focused on the attention of users. In such a crowded category, inducing computer games, tabletop games and console games is essential to make the game which is innovative and one of a kind. This way RoboSoccer overcomes common barriers of standard tabletop games. There is a lack of genuinely robotic games in multiplayer mode on the market. Although there are robot games on the market, all of them is dedicated to professional use. Costs of one robot reach up to $4000. In soccer tournaments, the most problematic aspects are price and lack of robotics knowledge.


Envisioning the value of a tabletop game transformation.

To kick the prototyping phase, we have facilitated the brainstorming discussion, with technology topics on the table. The meeting objective was to indicate what the game’s digital transformation could look like and the goals it could achieve.

We discuss the potential business value of raising our engagement levels with fans and gamers.

The next step for the company team is to launch strategic Kickstarter project that would guide the development of a RoboSoccer game with a global reach.

As the multitude of technology games and toy market, a sizable percentage of fan consumers look to football/soccer icons and players for sport inspiration, and RoboSoccer customers are no different. Many football/soccer fans want to be part of sport world experiences like football/soccer matches. We knew that we could create a game that would evoke a similar experience of a tabletop game and robot experience in one.



RoboSoccer is the answer to the growing demand for high tech toys. The solution is not as expensive as professional robots. The affordable price makes RoboSoccer open to all potential users.RESULTS

Just 12 months ago, our team had an only simple vision of the robot and a pitch, and now we have developed a high-quality product ready for the production phase. Each element has undergone a diametrical metamorphosis. Through it, now we can focus less on infrastructure and more on enhancing the fan experience and RoboSoccer community growth.

Connecting with fans around the world

Today, Robo Soccer game is fully developed, delivering rich content and drawing deep insights on fan behaviours via advanced game experience. We are ready to sell the product globally and provide the best in a class e-sport game.

Our next goal is to launch the Kickstarter campaign and worldwide expansion.

You can register to get one of the 100 exclusive early bird RoboSoccer set. Registration on RoboSoccer website: