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From day one, RoboSoccer has had a simple mission: create entertainment like never before. We want to give our fans a unique sport and game experience wherever they are.

Reimagining old fashioned tabletop games into a surprising way


All countries on the globe play soccer/football and this community reach up to 3.5 Billion in the whole world. Therefore, with this in mind, we developed the game helped increase social entertainment and drive consumers to retail sports game like no other.

The game industry is continuously evolving, and consumer interest is focused on the latest and hottest trends in it. To keep the brand perception clear, RoboSoccer turned to the modern tabletop game encouraging players to explore a new way of soccer game by creating game connecting robot experience with a regular tabletop game.


The first step was to take a very close look at the soccer/football enthusiasts and gamers, discuss their needs, and clarify their perception for enriching fan interactions. It is critical for us to understand and learn from thig group of enthusiasts, because, in the end, the game belongs to them.


The tabletop games and toys categories are a vast mass of thousands of brands offering similar products. All focused on the attention of users. In such a crowded category, inducing computer games, tabletop games and console games is essential to make the game which is innovative and one of a kind. This way RoboSoccer overcomes common barriers of standard tabletop games. There is a lack of genuinely robotic games in multiplayer mode on the market. Although there are robot games on the market, all of them is dedicated to professional use. Costs of one robot reach up to $4000. In soccer tournaments, the most problematic aspects are price and lack of robotics knowledge.


Envisioning the value of a tabletop game transformation.

To kick the prototyping phase, we have facilitated the brainstorming discussion, with technology topics on the table. The meeting objective was to indicate what the game’s digital transformation could look like and the goals it could achieve.

We discuss the potential business value of raising our engagement levels with fans and gamers.

The next step for the company team is to launch strategic Kickstarter project that would guide the development of a RoboSoccer game with a global reach.

As the multitude of technology games and toy market, a sizable percentage of fan consumers look to football/soccer icons and players for sport inspiration, and RoboSoccer customers are no different. Many football/soccer fans want to be part of sport world experiences like football/soccer matches. We knew that we could create a game that would evoke a similar experience of a tabletop game and robot experience in one.



RoboSoccer is the answer to the growing demand for high tech toys. The solution is not as expensive as professional robots. The affordable price makes RoboSoccer open to all potential users.RESULTS

Just 12 months ago, our team had an only simple vision of the robot and a pitch, and now we have developed a high-quality product ready for the production phase. Each element has undergone a diametrical metamorphosis. Through it, now we can focus less on infrastructure and more on enhancing the fan experience and RoboSoccer community growth.

Connecting with fans around the world

Today, Robo Soccer game is fully developed, delivering rich content and drawing deep insights on fan behaviours via advanced game experience. We are ready to sell the product globally and provide the best in a class e-sport game.

Our next goal is to launch the Kickstarter campaign and worldwide expansion.

You can register to get one of the 100 exclusive early bird RoboSoccer set. Registration on RoboSoccer website:





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How far have drones come since the last couple of years?

The drone industry is rapidly expanding. With technology development, all range of sectors needs more advanced and precisive tool around the world. The statistics point out that by 2020 the drone industry will be worth $127 billion. The scope of using the drone is extensive, from inspecting to aerial mapping. UAV usage is prompting many enterprises to implement this solution for preventing any discrepancies.

The drone industry is going to hit the global sector market like agriculture, mining, inspection, exploration of resources and mapping. We already did a step forward and predict the benefits of using drones in various operations. That is why have created Dronhub – first fully autonomous drone hangar dedicated for demanding industry. That is the most significant innovation in drone management.

Dronhub Innovations

It’s a ground station dedicated for any industrial drones to withheld daily operations and meets with requirements to become fully autonomous.

Dronhub structures are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions anywhere in the world, from punishing desert heat to arctic conditions, and even hurricane force winds.

It was designed to recharge and protect the drones from hard environmental conditions. Dronhub perfectly fits any remote locations.
This platform provides all services necessary to prolong drone usage.

Dronhub Innovations – End to End IoT Solution

Dronhub is enabled to takeoff and landing fully automatically. Fast battery charging making it ready for rapid action.

Using remote controller you can schedule regular flights to monitor any facilities so the drone will collect all critical data and keep it for further review.

– You can plan drone flight paths and schedule missions
– you can capture aerial imagery and stream live video
– Dronhub was found to minimal human intervention to maintain operational continuity
– Dronhub was created as the answer for demanding needs in industry and provide the highest quality of service
– Dronhub offers ultimate protection

Dronhub key features:

– Dronhub is an intelligent hangar which can work for a long time, daily, weekly and monthly- it eliminates the need for human participation in servicing the drone
– resistant design dedicated for remote operations and severe weather conditions; It provides shelter for the drone, performs minor conservation repairs and loads the drone or exchanges its batteries
It works flawlessly in the range of -20 to 60oC
Equipped with a rapid charging system fit for long time missions; you can replace discharged drone batteries with new, fully charged batteries. The whole operation takes about 2 minutes, which allows conducting drone missions for almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week
– proprietary software allows for multiple activities and efficient landing.
– sharing data and analysis
each garage has its weather station, which monitors the current weather conditions. In the event of danger, it prevents the drone from carrying out the mission
– Dronhub does not have a dedicated drone; it is compatible with the majority of industrial models available on the market.

Today it is not just commercial drones’ world; we are notifying the growth of professional use of drones across multiple industry sectors. We want to help enterprises across the globe to easily manage their businesses. We believe Dronhub is a real asset in improving daily operations in many spaces.

Please visit the official Dronhub website or contact us for more information. 

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Industry 4.0 is around you. Smartphones, smart homes, electric cars, autonomous drones and all other smart devices. Day by day all items are becoming more independent, flexible, and cooperative. It’s all about technology that has evolved and transformed products’ life cycle. Digitisation of manufacturing is a huge step forward on the way we produce merchandises. The revolution of Industry 4.0 continues to transform human society, and today we want to look more in-depth on how new digital technology has risen and what kind of transformation brings to our life.

The revolution of Industry 4.0

The fourth revolution has adopted computers and automation for smart and autonomous systems powered by data and machine learning. Although the third industrial revolution implemented networks, right now they can connect and run without human involvement. A combination of cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things and the Internet of Systems make Industry 4.0 smarter and efficient than ever before. The term Industry 4.0 was first used in Germany to improve effectiveness in the manufacturing industry.

Industry 4.0 and their predecessors

All four industrial revolutions have turning points in world history as they involved our life and work.

The first industrial revolution began in 1750 where people used water and steam power to mechanise production. Not to mention about source of energy like coal, oil, and natural gas which put machines into production. The term factory was becoming more popular.

The Second industrial revolution used electric power to introduce mass production. The electrification of factories contributed to mass production. That was an era of telegraphs and railroads either.

The Third revolution used electronics and information technology to automate creation. Interchangeably this revolution is named as the Digital Revolution because it turned analogue and mechanical systems into digital ones. This revolution is considered as a massive development in computers, information and communication technology.

And the fourth revolution we named a digital revolution by eliminating the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres. It has changed and customised mass production technologies by self-optimisation, self-cognition, and self-customization.

Unlike Europe, in the United States, there is Smart Manufacturing instead of Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 and their main features

– The smart factory is a term introduced by Industry 4.0. It relates to decentralised decisions in factories where cyber-physical systems monitor the physical processes,

– Interoperability – machines, devices, sensors, and people are connected to communicate with each other,

Information transparency — systems can create a virtual copy of the physical world by sensor data to inspect the information,

Technical assistance – the ability of systems to support humans in making decisions and solving problems. It also concerns about the ability of cyber-physical systems to assist humans in tasks that are too difficult or unsafe,

– Decentralised decision-making – the ability of cyber-physical systems to make decisions on their own and become as autonomous as possible.

Industry 4.0 brings us benefits like:

New technology is a new era of high-level automation in producing and manufacturing

Factories are a part of the Internet of Things where there are communication and cooperation between machines and humans in a real-time

Massive amount of data collected for a better understanding of consumer behaviour and demand trends

Smart marketing. The critical role here will play Artificial Intelligence which enables to make rapid personalisation process to improve targets. It allows to analyse the customers’ behaviour, personalise messages and take necessary action to meet with customers’ requirements. As an example, we can give Facebook Ads where users can tailor their marketing campaign.

Supply chain and production with key elements; integrated planning and execution, logistics visibility, smart warehousing, efficient management and autonomous logistics. All these features can get great results in customer service, flexibility, efficiency, and cost reduction.

Digital products and services – apart from mechanical and electrical parts every product combines hardware, sensors, data storage, microprocessors, software and connectivity. All of this is a huge step forward to be a fully connected and flexible system to adapt to new demands.

Connected products – smart products are offering the opportunity for new functionality, reliability, and capabilities that traditional products don’t have.

Drones’ components in Industry 4.0

Many components implemented by Industry 4.0 are used now in the drone industry. All of them are highly beneficial for many business models as it offers new possibilities and approaches across Industry.

What part of the Fourth Industry’s components are involved in drones? Let’s see it below:

As you can see the revolution of Industry 4.0 is huge and still evolving. If you wish to get more information about it, please download full „Guideline on Industry 4.0 and Drone Entrepreneurship for VET students” on EduDrone platform.

This article was made in collaboration with EduDrone. For more information, please visit EduDrone Facebook fan page or official website.


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Recently we have an opportunity to make the biggest hackathon in our city. The excitement wore off, and the result exceeded our expectations at all. We decided to share with you our hints & tips on how to make a successful hackathon. Slightly humorously, although with lots of information that helps you to run your first hackathon without a hitch.

Hackathon Guide

1. Stop being perfectionist

First of all, you have to eliminate your perfectionist attitude. It will kill your organisation effort. Fixing all duties in one step and one time is impossible. It is crucial to reserve at least three weeks in advance to have a space for task scheduling. Remember: nothing is perfect until it’s done.

2. Be ready for plenty of organisation things to do

Having the right organisation is essential for hosting a successful hackathon. Involve a team of people and assign them the tasks. This way all can run smoothly and fast. Collaboration is significant. Work with each other and keep everyone updated. By this, you will foster success in each organisation phase. Join the forces and be ready for any difficulties.

3. Find sponsorship

Hackathon is an expensive party, although lots of organisations or investors willing to sponsor your event. The benefits are mutual; sponsors will give you the money to cover the cost for the event in return for advertisement (wall advertising, official thanks during the event’s opening and closing session). For sponsorship, we have asked government agencies, companies, IT organisations, media, universities and private investors. Someone can refuse to give you a donation, despite this they might offer another help like volunteers, food or necessary equipment. Sponsors, apart from the money, can give you t-shirts, books, cups, pencils and other gadgets.

4. Boost your social media crowd

Build the hype across social media channels. Contact with all competitors, show them appeals and buzz that will happen during the event. Your goal is to popularise the competition among the community. The ways of working are various. At least be active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Registration process needs to be simple and easy. Communicate precisely what’s going to happen, what do you offer and what they can expect.

5. Media cooperation is not a joke!

At all. That is obvious you’ll search for sponsorship and media cooperation Keep in mind sponsoring requirements included in the official agreements. Supporters can expect their ads on the stage, play presentation about their organisation etc. If you fail with it, you can lose the money and pay penalties. Remember to check all conditions and be ready for action you should take.

hackathon event guide how to run successful hackathon event

6. Get used to doing things five minutes before kickoff ceremony

Only peace will save you. Don’t panic if there is an insufficient amount of chairs, desks or extension cord. Keep calm and try to be like a superman fixing all issues like wildfire. You can easily overcome any obstacles that may pop up. Yes, you have a superpower, and hackathon will prove it.

7. Be ready for an emergency situation

It happens when you have hundreds of things on your mind, and under pressure, you forget about something. Don’t be surprised if Wi-Fi goes out; you could manage to do a backup effortless. Don’t worry if there are not enough seats for participants. There is always a way out. Don’t expect that problems will not exist; take it for granted.

8. Charge the battery to 200%

From the participants’ perspective, the hackathon is soo easy and fun. You are taking your laptop, a cup of a coffee, and having fun. As an organiser, you have to deal with sponsorship agreements, competition rules, prizes, starter packs preparation, a place for hosting event, car parking, social media arrangements etc. Thus you have to charge your battery for at least 200%.

9. Be multitasking and multi everywhere

Simple as that. The best idea is to divide yourself and be in two places at the same time. Trust me you can do it.

10 Try not to overdose energy drink or coffee

I said this in all seriousness. Remember to inform all hackathon participants that coffee mixed with energy drinks are dangerous. They don’t want to spend the party in the hospital, either you. Drinking too much caffeine is easy. It does not apply for pizza which keeps the creative juices flowing.

Making a hackathon is not as easy as you might think, but the whole effort is well worth it. We love to promote creativity, collaboration, and innovative thinking. Feel inspired? Share your thought with us then!

Please visit our official hackathon facebook website for more information.

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The next part of drone news is on. Together with EduDrone, we have named the five most exciting facts about drone usage functionalities. You can never have too much drone news!

1. Nikola Tesla, the father of the radio, invented the first drone in 1898.

He believed drones could end all of the wars over the globe. We know Tesla from his futuristic electric car projects. Aside from it, he invented lots of patents for robots. “It seems that I have always been ahead of my time,” he said. Tesla holds more than 270 patent in 27 countries which made him one of the great inventors. On his account, we can find an earthquake machine, the thought camera, artificial tidal waves and more. Doublessly he was a genius of the future. Tesla, big thanks for drones!




2. Drones are a perfect tool for fighting with deforestation, fire or tree planting.

Difficult to access areas are scanned using drones to collect information and create 3D maps. The drone is receiving data collected to generate the seed plan. The advanced equipment with guidance and software are informing about the proper distribution of the soil and monitoring the tree growth. Drones can plant 100 000 trees per day. Drones are the perfect tool for fighting with climate change, and progressive urbanisation.

3. Each day billions of people are exposed to air pollution. Authorities have found an attractive remedy: drones.

The first flight took part on the 23rd of January 2018 and lasted about 120 minutes. That was just the beginning of tests made against air pollution. Drones can hold onboard sensors for air quality measuring. The production of anti-smog drones is an important step forward fighting against massive air pollution on our globe. It is a key priority to monitor industrial contamination and water pollution. Are drones the best for fighting with air pollution? It is cost effective and risk-reducing solution.

4. According to the European Commission, by 2050, the drone industry could create 150 000 jobs in the EU

 across manufacturers, operators and other actors providing drone-enabling technologies (such as flight control, sensors, and energy). The drone industry is rapidly expanding and continuously improving. Many companies are looking for drone operators as its opening the doors for many industries, from law enforcement to military.

5. „Handi drone” – disable community friendly drone

This project was created in collaboration between a digital Agency and French association for social and professional involvement of people with disabilities. „Handi drone” enable those with mobility issues and disabilities to experience drones. It gives them the opportunity to start a new career, setting them up to become drone pilots.

Still curious about drone news? For more information, please visit the official EduDrone website

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Have you ever try to figure out the range of your knowledge about drones? Google is your friend but most information is scattered. Therefore we’re going to shed some light on drone technology to not bullying you with a tone of irrelevant information.

10 things you didn’t know about drones

There’s growing curiosity about the drones, what they do, what parts of the industry they involved and what kind of services they can offer. We have pointed out all of these questions and make a quick quiz for you. To make our queries more attractive try to answer the question before you read the explanation to see how much you know about the drone’s world. 

1. How many drone categories we have in terms of usability?

Well, definitely you know the first one which is Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAW). Next ones are:

  • – Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV)
  • – Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (USV)
  • – Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)
  • – High Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS)

2. In what manner can you classify drones?

Sounds like the answer for the previous question? Nothing further from the truth. In a matter of the number of engines and their power in drone, we can distinguish four drones categories:

– tricopters
– quadcopters
– hexacopters
– octocopters

On the picture below you can see octocopter:

EduDrone 10 things you didn't know about drones

3. For what kind of devices drones might be equipped?

To be more accurate, there is plenty of them. Today’s drone usage is huge and still evolving. We will name just a few of them, which are the most important in the drone industry. They can bring tools like cameras, thermal cameras, telemetry, radar, sensors, GPS systems, remote control data acquisitions boards, tablets, and even smartphones.

4. Regardless of the type of drones, what are their most important features?

One by one:

– maximum operating distance 
– flight/ travel duration
– flight/ displacement speed
– connectivity
– the navigation system used
– type and number of sensors
– the onboard GPS system

5. How to build a drone?

Of course, we are not talking about ready solutions available on the store shelf. Imagine you have to build a drone from scratch. What will be your first step? 

First: You need to have minimal knowledge of electronics and IT. As things stand, you will be one step ahead to make your own drone. 

Second: Collect the component parts and materials necessary to make a drone. You can easily purchase some components, otherwise, use the 3D printer which is honestly speaking, irreplaceable here.

Third: Grab the list of components you need: drone frame, motors, controllers, speed regulator for brushless motors, propellers, batteries, RC Transmitter/Receiver and other optional components (GPS modules, sensors, gyroscope, receiver, etc).

What’s next? Jump to question number 8, here is the answer.

6. Which exact composite you can use to build drone skeleton?

It might be either carbon fiber, aluminum, glass fiber, wood or PLA (3D printing materials).

The ground rule is that composites need to be light, robust and rigid to minimize vibrations.

7. What sort of electric motors you can use to build a drone?

There are two of them: brush motors dedicated for smaller drones and brushless motors used on larger drones.

8. What is the step by step guidance to compose the drone?

  1. Assembling the drone frame
  2. Mounting of electronic components on the frame
  3. Connecting the electronic components
  4. Programming the controller

9. Is it possible to fly over the airport controlled zone (in Poland)?

Any uncontrolled flights made under airport controlled zones are not permitted, even prohibited! There is one exception so you have to obtain permission from the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency 7 days in advance.

10. Apart from the drone technology, are you able to decode STEM abbreviation?

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It is not straightaway related to drone but closely linked together. These fields contain the critical 21st-century skills they need to succeed, also in drone technology. 

EduDrone Project

This post idea was taken based on the project we made together with EduDrone. The main character was to create guideline for drone users. It’s a perfect published compendium for anybody, from the beginners to more advanced users, who need technical guidance for a drone, applications, and legislation. 

You can view or download full “GUIDELINES ON THE USE OF DRONES IN VET” 📤 

For more information please visit the official EduDrone website

EduDrone 10 things you didn't know about drones

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In general, drones are hard to categorize in terms of functionality, the matter of using etc. By means of it, people love to see experiments with drone usage, especially hobbyists. And likely there will be one more category for now. Try to figure it out rely on the description below.

On the ground looks like a tank, equipped with Kevlar belts and a coreless motor. In the air, it’s like a quadcopter, with propellers and HD camera. Thus you’ll get it… tankcopter. Tank and drone in one machine. Meet with Xerall, all-terrain drone which is the icing on the cake in drone’s industry.

5 key facts you should know about Xerall 

1.First flying tank

It performs well either on the ground and sky. Xerall is a hybrid machine designed for all-terrain operations. It can smoothly drive through the rugged or rocky terrain.

Explore new areas like a hiding place, tight gaps or rough ground for an effective locomotion system. Obstacles? Well, not applicable. Get a feel of control with just one click and rise up in the sky. Enjoy the moments and capture amazing footage with an HD camera.

2. Admired by Casey Neistat; starring in Expendables 3

While visiting Poland, Casey Neistat checked Xerall’s possibilities and appreciate the design. He has also taken an interest for getting foreseen Carcopter. More juicy stories? Well, Xerall performed alongside Sylvester Stallone. And yes, you heard it well and this is not a trick at all. Watch The Expendables 3 and check Xerall’s frame. All that being said there are no doubts X-tankcopter already hit the global market. And the small piece of celebrity world either.

3. A ton of fun to fly, safety for use and no extra license required

You can feel like a kid driving by inaccessible terrains and explore new places. Xerall is a perfect gadget for hobbyists and photographers. It weighs only 125g so you don’t need any special license.
Control the drone with the wireless controller or use a smartphone app. For virtual reality geeks, there is a VR headset. Compact design, safety in use and various possibilities in capturing the space making it one of a kind hybrid drone.
Feel like a kid searching for a treasure in inaccessible places or capture a glimpse that brings you a lot of fun. Xerall gives you a possibility to get shots from everywhere.

4. Made by robotics expert

Xerall was founded by Witold Mielniczek, the real drone enthusiast. During his educational pathway in the UK he had come up with an idea to develop Xerall and, it must be said, Witek has always been fascinated by robotics and forward-looking technology projects.
The X-tankcopter is purely innovative and futuristic. So much capability to use it.

5. With an eye to creating Carcopter

It is just the beginning of drones’ goal as rapid change is coming. 2019 is booked for Carcopter – the first flying car dedicated for more advanced users. This invention will be earthshaking for the traditional air and car industry. Imagine the vehicle who can keep humans on board and bring them to travel smoothly and quick. You don’t have to visualize it – visit the official Xerall website in autumn 2019 and see the next car generation. 

We believe Xerall is the key project and a huge step forward for drone technology. And in fact, the Drone industry is still booming. Looking forward to seeing Carcopter. 

You can shop Xerall at Indiegogo campaign clicking here:

Visit the official Xerall website:

Have you already heard about this all-terrain drone? Share your thoughts in comments. 

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Poland has put forth amendments to current drone laws.

On 31st of January 2019 Civil Aviation Office in Poland has revealed new regulations for drone operations that open new uses for unnamed aircraft.  Rapid evolution of drone industry claimed that rules and regulations must change. Certainly drones’ future possibilities are boundless.

Big  change for hobbyist and professionalists

Drone enthusiasts are more than happy with new rule adoption as this is a great boost and turning point for Polish drone industry. New principles will bring uniformity to the current UAVs environment and helps drone industry reach its full potential.

New legislation is giving support in drone’s implementation dedicated for professionals and enthusiasts without needing to file paperwork. Since new rules were implemented, it is clear which registrations are necessary.

There was a long way to achieve it

It comes from the back of previous drone principles adopted in 2016. New restrictions took effect  and Civil Aviation Office has forced to issued upon request over 10k certificate of competency. That was an unforeseen and massive amount of inquiries in that time. The goal was to respond for quick and rapid development that began to happen.  

In a nutshell, what you need to know about new key changes?

– Allow for BVLOS and autonomous flight operations in civil airspace without differentiating civilian airspace.

– Legal requirement for drone owners to register their craft with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). This refer to BLVOS flights.

– Allow for making FPV flight without official registration

– Excluding the state examination for UAV operators for VLOS flight; drone must weigh less than 5kg.

– Allow minors to fly under adult supervision

– New regulation will carve out the groundwork rules for commercial flights eliminating any ambiguity or doubts.

Polish Civil Aviation Authority is determined to ensure drones are used safely and securely. Aviation principles are set up for supporting future drone innovations and rapidly-changing drone market.

We believe these rules will make sense and will do a huge step forward in Polish drone industry.

Cervi Robotics, headed by CEO Vadym Melnyk, is a member of Polish Chamber of Unmanned Aerial Systems (Polska Izba Systemów Bezzałogowych), thus we support and build public awareness of security and unusual drone capabilities.

For more information see our drone projects and contact with us ( 

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In the air of Jasionka, our drones have to step aside airplanes. However, a military facility in the Czech Republic is a perfect place for the successful test of new improvements.
On 22 August, we teamed up with BizGarden and GINA to test freshly elements of the system of our solution. On the first day, we focused on preparations. Getting to know the agenda and presentation of the drone were key points of the meeting.
The challenge started on the second day. Our drone got a special task. In the area of the size of two football grounds, were hidden two probes of radioactive substances. The drone had to detect them with its radiation sensors. Did brave boy do well?
Obviously! It took only one flight to find the probes. Both new drone and the radiation sensor did a great job!
Positiveness of tests gives high hopes for using drones for inspecting contaminated areas in search of radiation sources. Not only is this solution safer for humans but also cheaper for routine use.
We are proud to report that our mission of changing the world with technology is going excellent!

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We haven’t seen you during Low Latency Summit. But no worries! We have a short recap for you.
What was the event about? This is the summary of the Low Latency Prototyping program Cervi Robotics has been taking part in. It’s all about 5G, which gives a wide range of possibilities for various industries. It’s much more than just a faster internet! Low Latency is one of the advantages of 5G. Our job as a Solution Partner was to solve some real problem using this technology.

We love drones. Guess no surprise here. That’s why we gave an upgrade to the flight of traditional drones. A few months of work brought a stabilization and indoor navigation system using Low Latency. Our solution is not only 20x cheaper but also more stable than rival companies’ products.

Low Latency Summit in Bonn was the time of presentation of our project. This event gathered many inspiring people from both business and technology, including representatives of Deutsche Telekom, Hubraum and Huawei. Along with other solution partners, we had some time for a follow-up and summary of the project. Then we had the whole demo area with flying drones, where participants had a chance to see how the drone can fly stable using Low Latency networks.

What was the best part? For Cervi Robotics it was the possibility to meet potential business partners. During the Summit, we also got to know quite a few cutting-edge innovative startups. It was a chance to exchange experiences and begin other world-changing projects together.

See our introduction: