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We haven’t seen you during Low Latency Summit. But no worries! We have a short recap for you.
What was the event about? This is the summary of the Low Latency Prototyping program Cervi Robotics has been taking part in. It’s all about 5G, which gives a wide range of possibilities for various industries. It’s much more than just a faster internet! Low Latency is one of the advantages of 5G. Our job as a Solution Partner was to solve some real problem using this technology.

We love drones. Guess no surprise here. That’s why we gave an upgrade to the flight of traditional drones. A few months of work brought a stabilization and indoor navigation system using Low Latency. Our solution is not only 20x cheaper but also more stable than rival companies’ products.

Low Latency Summit in Bonn was the time of presentation of our project. This event gathered many inspiring people from both business and technology, including representatives of Deutsche Telekom, Hubraum and Huawei. Along with other solution partners, we had some time for a follow-up and summary of the project. Then we had the whole demo area with flying drones, where participants had a chance to see how the drone can fly stable using Low Latency networks.

What was the best part? For Cervi Robotics it was the possibility to meet potential business partners. During the Summit, we also got to know quite a few cutting-edge innovative startups. It was a chance to exchange experiences and begin other world-changing projects together.

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This year, Cervi Robotics had a pleasure to take part in European Start-up Days, an event that is the part of European Economic Congress that took place in Katowice. The jubilee edition attracted over 11 500 people. Our project created with Pentacomp was qualified to the ESD as one of 100 most innovative startu-ps from CEE region. What is special about our solution? Why did it catch Polish Prime Minister’s eye?


It is called Airvein. It is drone delivery system dedicated to urban airspace. It is a chance to bring medical and everyday deliveries to the completely new level.

In this project, Cervi Robotics’ role is providing hardware. By “hardware” we mean the whole infrastructure that makes drone delivery possible. Drones with cargo modules that allow for stable delivery conditions. Drone nest – hangar providing full service of the drone: from changing batteries to small repairments. The last element is navigational infrastructure. Every module is autonomic, so that man’s interference is scant.

Pentacomp provides software that consists of three elements: Drone-based delivery, Drone&Infrastructure maintenance system, U-Space management system. They make managing both delivery and urban airspace and maintaining the whole hardware possible.


Durig the event, we presented drone and drone nest. Airvein has drawn the attention of participants of the Congress, journalists and Polish Prime Minister – Mateusz Morawiecki. We presented our solution to Mister Morawiecki, who was pleased with the results of our work. Airvein is financially supported by the National Centre of Researchers and Development. It gives us many possibilities of further improvement of the project.


We are looking forward meeting you during European Economic Congress 2019!