How Xerall is expanding the world

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In general, drones are hard to categorize in terms of functionality, the matter of using etc. By means of it, people love to see experiments with drone usage, especially hobbyists. And likely there will be one more category for now. Try to figure it out rely on the description below.

On the ground looks like a tank, equipped with Kevlar belts and a coreless motor. In the air, it’s like a quadcopter, with propellers and HD camera. Thus you’ll get it… tankcopter. Tank and drone in one machine. Meet with Xerall, all-terrain drone which is the icing on the cake in drone’s industry.

5 key facts you should know about Xerall 

1.First flying tank

It performs well either on the ground and sky. Xerall is a hybrid machine designed for all-terrain operations. It can smoothly drive through the rugged or rocky terrain.

Explore new areas like a hiding place, tight gaps or rough ground for an effective locomotion system. Obstacles? Well, not applicable. Get a feel of control with just one click and rise up in the sky. Enjoy the moments and capture amazing footage with an HD camera.

2. Admired by Casey Neistat; starring in Expendables 3

While visiting Poland, Casey Neistat checked Xerall’s possibilities and appreciate the design. He has also taken an interest for getting foreseen Carcopter. More juicy stories? Well, Xerall performed alongside Sylvester Stallone. And yes, you heard it well and this is not a trick at all. Watch The Expendables 3 and check Xerall’s frame. All that being said there are no doubts X-tankcopter already hit the global market. And the small piece of celebrity world either.

3. A ton of fun to fly, safety for use and no extra license required

You can feel like a kid driving by inaccessible terrains and explore new places. Xerall is a perfect gadget for hobbyists and photographers. It weighs only 125g so you don’t need any special license.
Control the drone with the wireless controller or use a smartphone app. For virtual reality geeks, there is a VR headset. Compact design, safety in use and various possibilities in capturing the space making it one of a kind hybrid drone.
Feel like a kid searching for a treasure in inaccessible places or capture a glimpse that brings you a lot of fun. Xerall gives you a possibility to get shots from everywhere.

4. Made by robotics expert

Xerall was founded by Witold Mielniczek, the real drone enthusiast. During his educational pathway in the UK he had come up with an idea to develop Xerall and, it must be said, Witek has always been fascinated by robotics and forward-looking technology projects.
The X-tankcopter is purely innovative and futuristic. So much capability to use it.

5. With an eye to creating Carcopter

It is just the beginning of drones’ goal as rapid change is coming. 2019 is booked for Carcopter – the first flying car dedicated for more advanced users. This invention will be earthshaking for the traditional air and car industry. Imagine the vehicle who can keep humans on board and bring them to travel smoothly and quick. You don’t have to visualize it – visit the official Xerall website in autumn 2019 and see the next car generation. 

We believe Xerall is the key project and a huge step forward for drone technology. And in fact, the Drone industry is still booming. Looking forward to seeing Carcopter. 

You can shop Xerall at Indiegogo campaign clicking here:

Visit the official Xerall website:

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