New drone legislation in Poland

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Poland has put forth amendments to current drone laws.

On 31st of January 2019 Civil Aviation Office in Poland has revealed new regulations for drone operations that open new uses for unnamed aircraft.  Rapid evolution of drone industry claimed that rules and regulations must change. Certainly drones’ future possibilities are boundless.

Big  change for hobbyist and professionalists

Drone enthusiasts are more than happy with new rule adoption as this is a great boost and turning point for Polish drone industry. New principles will bring uniformity to the current UAVs environment and helps drone industry reach its full potential.

New legislation is giving support in drone’s implementation dedicated for professionals and enthusiasts without needing to file paperwork. Since new rules were implemented, it is clear which registrations are necessary.

There was a long way to achieve it

It comes from the back of previous drone principles adopted in 2016. New restrictions took effect  and Civil Aviation Office has forced to issued upon request over 10k certificate of competency. That was an unforeseen and massive amount of inquiries in that time. The goal was to respond for quick and rapid development that began to happen.  

In a nutshell, what you need to know about new key changes?

– Allow for BVLOS and autonomous flight operations in civil airspace without differentiating civilian airspace.

– Legal requirement for drone owners to register their craft with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). This refer to BLVOS flights.

– Allow for making FPV flight without official registration

– Excluding the state examination for UAV operators for VLOS flight; drone must weigh less than 5kg.

– Allow minors to fly under adult supervision

– New regulation will carve out the groundwork rules for commercial flights eliminating any ambiguity or doubts.

Polish Civil Aviation Authority is determined to ensure drones are used safely and securely. Aviation principles are set up for supporting future drone innovations and rapidly-changing drone market.

We believe these rules will make sense and will do a huge step forward in Polish drone industry.

Cervi Robotics, headed by CEO Vadym Melnyk, is a member of Polish Chamber of Unmanned Aerial Systems (Polska Izba Systemów Bezzałogowych), thus we support and build public awareness of security and unusual drone capabilities.

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