New drone tests in Czech Republic

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In the air of Jasionka, our drones have to step aside airplanes. However, a military facility in the Czech Republic is a perfect place for the successful test of new improvements.
On 22 August, we teamed up with BizGarden and GINA to test freshly elements of the system of our solution. On the first day, we focused on preparations. Getting to know the agenda and presentation of the drone were key points of the meeting.
The challenge started on the second day. Our drone got a special task. In the area of the size of two football grounds, were hidden two probes of radioactive substances. The drone had to detect them with its radiation sensors. Did brave boy do well?
Obviously! It took only one flight to find the probes. Both new drone and the radiation sensor did a great job!
Positiveness of tests gives high hopes for using drones for inspecting contaminated areas in search of radiation sources. Not only is this solution safer for humans but also cheaper for routine use.
We are proud to report that our mission of changing the world with technology is going excellent!