Our charity fundraiser against the COVID-19 is on! Join us to beat the epidemic

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Back at the beginning of March, we have decided to support hospitals by producing protective equipment. The conclusion we draw, therefore, is that 3D manufacturing is an essential part of the response to virus. It provides an incredible speed of development and continues to be critical for equipping a frontline staff. As a result, we have stepped forward with our 3d face shields production and open charity fundraiser against the COVID-19. 

How can we help with coronavirus?

We are using our machinery park to help our local hospitals with Coronavirus. The production includes face shields, splitter for ventilators, and door handles preventing the spread of Coronavirus. All of this equipment is very welcome because of the shortage of medical components in many hospitals around the country. 

Anyone can help with the COVID-19 epidemic

Our project #cervicoidchallenge demonstrates many ways to beat the epidemic: 

  • – Firstly, through our charity, we are collecting funds for materials needed for printing personal protective equipment (click here to donate)
  • – Secondly, we are reaching out to the global 3D printing community and encourage them to participate in our open source project
  • – Thirdly, f you know someone with a 3D printer, let them know about our initiative to spread the printing initiative 

In conclusion, if you can’t help financially please help us by sharing the link to the crowdfunding campaign with your network!


Cervi covid challenge

Just download, print, and save lives!

The most significant benefit of 3d printing is the thing that you can be anywhere and print virtually anything.

We are working hard to assist during the epidemic and see the potential of 3d printing. In addition we decided to publish open source files to print medical equipment and help your local hospitals. If you have a 3d machine and want to help the medical staff – feel free to download the files here. In case of any issues, we are here to help you to launch your printing.

These 3D open source files are made available to the 3D printing community by designers, engineers, and medical professionals. Anyone can download and print them to help to fight the spread of the Coronavirus. Moreover, we have launched the charity campaign to help cover the cost of the materials necessary to produce all items. 

Donate us in charity fundraiser against the COVID-19

The main problem we are facing now is the lack of materials that are necessary to keep printing medical equipment.

Moreover, all we are providing is distributed for free to hospitals around the country. We have contacted institutions to address needs and estimate the number of items needed to be print.

The link to the crowdfunding campaign is here

You can download open source files here

Thanks for your support – only by joining forces, can we beat this pandemic 💪