What we do

It takes from 8 months to a year to prepare something from the idea to the final shipped product. We develop various technologies, from the ground and aerial robot, IoT device to cloud integration for your device. To provide you with quality product, we use a hardware and software stack dedicated to the problem we solve. Every project has different character. It demands individual approach.

Our idea

The base of our work is the cooperation with the client. You are not left alone with your idea. Our engineers and software developers are ready to help you with shaping it. That eliminates typical conceptual errors. That saves your time and money.


It all starts with gathering requirements with you. Next, we create schedule together to make sure everything will be delivered on time. We can present you with first results after only a few weeks of development. However, the business is constantly changing. You can ask us to change the course of the project at any time. Because of that, we have found a way of development that will not block your business.

How we work?

Great Idea
Proof of Concept
Functional Prototype
Assembling Testing
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