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How far have drones come since the last couple of years?

The drone industry is rapidly expanding. With technology development, all range of sectors needs more advanced and precisive tool around the world. The statistics point out that by 2020 the drone industry will be worth $127 billion. The scope of using the drone is extensive, from inspecting to aerial mapping. UAV usage is prompting many enterprises to implement this solution for preventing any discrepancies.

The drone industry is going to hit the global sector market like agriculture, mining, inspection, exploration of resources and mapping. We already did a step forward and predict the benefits of using drones in various operations. That is why have created Dronhub – first fully autonomous drone hangar dedicated for demanding industry. That is the most significant innovation in drone management.

Dronhub Innovations

It’s a ground station dedicated for any industrial drones to withheld daily operations and meets with requirements to become fully autonomous.

Dronhub structures are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions anywhere in the world, from punishing desert heat to arctic conditions, and even hurricane force winds.

It was designed to recharge and protect the drones from hard environmental conditions. Dronhub perfectly fits any remote locations.
This platform provides all services necessary to prolong drone usage.

Dronhub Innovations – End to End IoT Solution

Dronhub is enabled to takeoff and landing fully automatically. Fast battery charging making it ready for rapid action.

Using remote controller you can schedule regular flights to monitor any facilities so the drone will collect all critical data and keep it for further review.

– You can plan drone flight paths and schedule missions
– you can capture aerial imagery and stream live video
– Dronhub was found to minimal human intervention to maintain operational continuity
– Dronhub was created as the answer for demanding needs in industry and provide the highest quality of service
– Dronhub offers ultimate protection

Dronhub key features:

– Dronhub is an intelligent hangar which can work for a long time, daily, weekly and monthly- it eliminates the need for human participation in servicing the drone
– resistant design dedicated for remote operations and severe weather conditions; It provides shelter for the drone, performs minor conservation repairs and loads the drone or exchanges its batteries
It works flawlessly in the range of -20 to 60oC
Equipped with a rapid charging system fit for long time missions; you can replace discharged drone batteries with new, fully charged batteries. The whole operation takes about 2 minutes, which allows conducting drone missions for almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week
– proprietary software allows for multiple activities and efficient landing.
– sharing data and analysis
each garage has its weather station, which monitors the current weather conditions. In the event of danger, it prevents the drone from carrying out the mission
– Dronhub does not have a dedicated drone; it is compatible with the majority of industrial models available on the market.

Today it is not just commercial drones’ world; we are notifying the growth of professional use of drones across multiple industry sectors. We want to help enterprises across the globe to easily manage their businesses. We believe Dronhub is a real asset in improving daily operations in many spaces.

Please visit the official Dronhub website or contact us for more information. 

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